A Letter To 8th Grade Ajay

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

My Eigthth Grade Checklist:

  • Get A’s and B’s
  • Study a lot
  • Hang out with friends more
  • Finish my homework before 8 o’ clock

Dangers in the Future from the Virtual World

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

In the future I could lose time, because I could get obsessed to the game, and never stop. I could lose money from buying thing inside the game, or from the over use of internet. It would be a good thing like Facebook is on some ways, Facebook could be a good thing because it is a way to reconnect with friends who you lost contact with. Some games like role playing games are fun to play sometimes but not all the time an example would be minecraft. People get obsessed with minecraft and play for hours non-stop. For people who don’t know what minecraft is, it’s a game where you can build, destroy, and kill things. Minecraft users also download mods or modifications which in some cases have viruses and can ruin computers, then you would have to buy another one and that would cost more money.

I personally play games that require you to buy things to finish other things like quests. The xbox 360 has features like music, but if you already have it on iTunes you can not transfer it over so you have to buy it again which some people do… which I consider a waste of money. Overall the virtual world is a safe and dangerous place.

My 400 Word Essay

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

When I got to school on my first day and put my things into my locker I was excited to see my friends. We were first in Mrs. Novak’s class and we were all talking. then it was break and the 8th grade was playing tether ball. We then went into Ms. Costere’s class. It was a half day so we got out at 12 o’ clock.

My brother and I went to Lizzie’s pool party. All the boys were shooting each other with water guns. The girls wouldn’t get into the pool and when they did they sat in the corner. Then when everybody got out of the pool we went in the front and rode on the scooters, bike, and I rode on the pogo stick. Lizzie’s brother put a shirt on their dog. Then we rode to the beach and I was riding on the electric scooter and I almost got hit by a car.

Later in the year our class went on a field trip. We went to the Tech Museum in San Jose. Xavier, Matt, and I were in a group. We went around the museum looking at things and playing the games. We also played on the computers were you can scan your pass, and you can play with the other people in the museum playing the same game.

We went to the Asian Art museum to see the exhibit Secret of the Samurai. We were split in groups and were aloud to go around the museum and look at other exhibits also.

During the final quarter of the year a lot of things changed. My friends in 8th grade graduated, now I can get to my locker easier and we can play with what ever we want at break. But also I am sad because I can’t talk to them everyday. The day after graduation Mrs. Costere gave us doughnuts.

We have to do glogsters on medieval European people. I did mine on William Wallace. Field day is close and Matt and I are doing Yoga and Dance. On crazy hair day I am going to dye my hair different colors. On the last day of school I am going to Raging Waters, which is a water park in San Jose. This summer my cousins are coming over. I am getting a trampoline so me and my friend Dany are going to jump on it when ever she comes over. My summer is going to be really boring.

Cell Phones

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Cell phones should be allowed on campus outside of class. I agree cell phones are distracting in class but during break and lunch, since we are not learning or doing anything. Cell phones are not even allowed on campus, not even to contact our parents. Kids have cell phones to contact parents, friends, and others. We are not distracting anybody.

We are not disturbing anyone so we should be able to take our phones out and text and call. As long as we are not doing anything wrong there is no real reason to ban them. Cell phones get confiscated if a teacher or anyone who works in the school sees it. Does the school think that we would bully people during school hours and the school will get in trouble? Some public schools allow student’s cell phones.

Cell phones are a way of communicating. In school they teach us to communicate with others. Are the teachers going against what they say when we are in first grade? Is it that the school does not want us to communicate with people outside of the school until we are off of the campus?

Overall cell phone use could be a thing that schools should allow but in some cases not allow.


Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

I’m Cartman

I’m Stan

I’m Kyle

I’m Kenny


Angry Birds

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

This blog is about the crazy world of the flying birds and the hungry pigs. I am doing this blog for my class the link to my teachers blog is the following: http://misterwolverton.wordpress.com/.

Here is a list of the birds:

  • Red Bird- Does nothing
  • Blue Bird- Splits into three
  • Yellow Bird- Speeds up
  • Black Bird- Bomb
  • White Bird- Drops egg bomb
  • Boomerang Bird- Boomerang
  • Big Brother Bird- Can brake through anything
  • Sardines- Throw the sardines and the mighty eagle will come
  • Mighty Eagle- $0.99 Finishes any level for you
  • Orange Bird- fills up with air like a puffer fish
  • Blu and Jewel- Goes in a fast straight line
  • Blu- Freaks out in the sky since he can’t fly

In Angry Birds (Original) I have 3 stars in Poached Eggs, I used this website: http://www.angrybirdsnest.com/category/walkthroughs/angry-birds/poached-eggs-3-star-walkthroughs/

In Angry Birds (Original) Golden Eggs I have almost all of them here is a picture of what the Golden Eggs Page looks like:

In Angry Birds Seasons mostly and I have 3 stars in: (2011) Trick or Treat, Hogs and Kisses, Go Green Get Lucky, Easter Eggs, and Summer Picnic. I didn’t use a website for Hogs and Kisses, Go Green Get Lucky, Easter Eggs, and Summer Picnic but for Trick or Treat I used this website: http://www.angrybirdsnest.com/category/walkthroughs/angry-birds-seasons/

Secret: If you don’t have Rio the movie but you do have Angry Birds Rio for iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad2, and I think Android go to level 6-13 and get a bird under the platform and a golden beach ball will appear. By hitting the golden beach ball you have access to 15 exclusive Angry Birds Rio levels called the Golden Beach Ball.

Angry Birds Notice

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

I am going to make a post about the worlds favorite birds, the Angry Birds. I will include secrets, websites, and much more. For all the angry bird games on iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iPad 2.